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Lelo- 04.21.06

LELO is a Sweden-based company, founded in 2003, devoted to the design and development of sensual pleasure objects with contemporary luxury flair. By blending fashion, femininity, engineering and design, our aim is to create objects not just functional, but seductive in their own right. Lust objectified to inspire a positive and confident sexuality.” Beautiful site, sleek objects, gorgeous packaging. They have three models - the Lily in matte - the Nea with a porcelain like gloss finish and floral motifs - and the Yva in gold and silver. If these don’t say luxury, i don’t know what does. [These are certainly one-upping the previous designer sextoys we wrote about.]

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OOOHHHH, very interesting, how did you ever stumble upon that site? :)

----- DesignGaL 21.04.06 18:53

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