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A Bag For Your Chaos- 05.03.06

More fun from Designer’s Block’s show with Lund University. This one is going after those of us who need quick ways of taking inventory of all the amazing number of random things in our bags. Great simple idea, taking those collapsable grocery bags that fold into their own pockets to the next level. Makes me want to hang a giant bag off the fire escape and clean my apartment this way. Bigger pic after the jump.

UPDATE: This is “Inventory Bag” by Linn Källgren and Ingrid Magnusson. The idea is pretty fun, and i can imagine all the times rummaging through my purse when i couldn’t find anything in there and needing to dump it all out practically - or wish i could cover it up when running through the rain! ~Notcot.


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could u plz tel me how to get this bag??? x

----- niki 11.03.07 13:21

I love this bag! I want this bag! Please tell me I can have the bag?

----- Sabrina 17.05.06 05:26

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