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Danefae- 05.07.06

UPDATE: Oops, was so tired that night i posted this i had the spelling wrong! links work now!

Danish stuff is the theme for the next few days probably, until i hit Sweden! But check out the best Viking/Danish-y/Touristy piece i found! Seriously if you’re going to have to buy someone something “from copenhagen” - and don’t want to go for that mini copper mermaid on the rock, or that horrible viking troll thing… Danefae has your perfect solution. I LOVE this viking (and yes there’s a mermaid as well but i didnt fall for her quite as hard). The green striped shirt is really fun, and its a good thing i don’t have kids, b/c the bibs, shirts, and unitard type things for them are the most adorable things i’ve ever seen. The totebag is also a great size and has inside pocket (about 4” depth, boxy, versus like an envelope - great beach bag?). Also check out the raincoat, the really sweet store owner at Akimbo [Hyskenstraede 3, 1207 Kobenhaven, +] has them coming in Monday, and swore they were they were worth seeing in person.

Check out a bigger picture of my Viking pouch below, he has fish and utensils. [gave in and got him over the totebag].


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You can find all of Danefae’s items plus more Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish things all in one place Stateside, check out huset-shop.com.

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