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Demano- 05.11.06

Demano is a Barcelona company that does for City Banners what Freitag does for Truck Tarps. Gorgeous site and some really fun designs, everything from messenger bags and totes, this great duffle like bag, and belts, to notebooks and designer hats! [this hat collection is a collaboration with designer Nina Pawlowsky] The poster featured here is Banderola: BCN & fotografia - Barcelona, 18 noviembre 2005. ICUB - Museu d’Historia de la Ciutat. Diseño de banderola: Lamosca. This is one of the many new banners available for the 2006 collection! I stumbled across some in Copenhagen, and they are really beautiful, its no joke when they say that they really try to make the best use of the designs on the banners - not just cut them up and its a free for all… great means of recycling.

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These are great bags.

Chicks look so trendy wearing these bags..

----- Robinson Pitalua 12.05.06 07:55

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