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Don’t Sacrifice Hygiene- 05.22.06

diodeneck.jpgZelle - “ELECTRONIC LIFESTYLE HIPSTER STORE” - what’s that mean? Well… “[Fractalspin is] filled with geeky, yet fashionable stuff. Not all of us are Thinkgeek style nerds. Some of us indulge in the digital without sacrificing hygiene.” - those last three little words are key.

Anyhow, yes, i’m a bit out of it and cleaning through the inbox is good fun with such great submissions - but i am kicking myself for not having read more carefully earlier… for i’d love to have that necklace, except its a one of a kind (SOLD OUT) Cascading Diode Necklace… and i’ve been wanting something of that style for a while, but hated the boring jewels commonly seen when you get close enough. But don’t fear there are many more fun ones at ZelleStyle… also Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapters! Love the packaging. Makes me want to be an electronic musician.

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