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Feeling Lucky?- 05.02.06

Luck comes and goes - or so we think. Even if it is a psychological construct, if it makes us feel better, i’m all for it. And this tray gives it to you everytime - is pretty + vectory - and hey, you KNOW that four leaf clover is there somewhere (unless it was a sneaky sticker you could re/move).

Via Designer’s Block’s show with Swedish Lund University - “Find your luck” tray “This project was inspired by a universally accepted symbol of good luck – the four leaf clover. Finding a real four leaf clover in the field among ordinary ones is a rare occurrence. Maybe it is easier to find luck on this tray’s pattern?” By Olga Cudakova - Far more images and some help finding the 4 leaf clover below! [click especially because you need to see the birds and dragonflies close up!]




So where is it you ask? Still couldn’t find your luck? Where here’s your luck for the moment!!!


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