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Miss Van Hedgehog- 05.14.06

Fornarina and Miss Van team up often (there are even fashion pieces featuring her art now), and i remember loving her birds on the walls of the Milan store in 2004. This time i’m loving her hedgehogs (and i’ve recently been doing a lot of research on hedgehogs for a logo project, so it was somewhat exciting to see her take on the creatures) - So this is crop of a quick pic of the Stockholm Fornarina store you can see below, as well as super hedgehog close up!



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I love miss van! I m quite obsessed actually. I have been for years. I can never get enough. In a perfect world she would paint every wall around me. xx

----- Candace Campbell 31.05.08 11:13

you are fantastic!!!!!

----- valeria 19.12.07 06:42

Hello, you can find more pics of fornarina stores with Miss Van’s graphic here: http://www.delabo.it/

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 15.05.06 08:47

Wow — thx for the gor-r-geous pics! I snapped a photo of Miss Van’s mural @ the LA Fornarina shop… it’s the fourth pic down here: http://www.luxlotus.com/lux_lotus/2006/04/my_life_in_pict.html

----- Lauren Cerand 14.05.06 16:12

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