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Noakum Brava Casa- 05.10.06

Remember my friend Joakim Harneborne from Wallpapers Design Issue’s TOP 10 Designers to watch? Well two big pieces of news about him - he made it into Bulgarian Brava Casa - a two page spread! But unfortunately we can’t read it. Any Bulgarian readers out there, we would really love a translation - all we’ve gotten out of it is that they have renamed him what looks like Noakum Xepheooph [click the pic or see below to read the article] And secondly, he’s now been titled Notcot’s Sr. Western European Designer/Editor [aka SWEDE] - so welcome him, he’s just joined me to help you cover design around the world for Notcot, which is why i’m out here hanging out with him in Sweden!

Click the image to see a readable copy of the article.

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Hi to all there is a partial translation on the article about Joakim Herneborne publiced in Brava Casa -Bulgaria.

From his early childhood Joakim Herneborn is teased from the new technology and future possibilities. As a teenager he is fully involved in the design world. After graduating from Collage Inter-Dec, Montreal, Canada in 1998 he was commissioned from companies as Volvo, Saab, Ericson, Scandinavian Airlines and Nokia. In 2004 Herneborn relocated to Milano, Italy to pursue a master degree in interactive design in the Domus academy. Today he works a s a freelance designer: “I feel confident in my self , enough to develop projects, representing my momentous interests in the design field.” Born in November 1976th in Boras, Sweden he is strongly influenced from home nature and understanding of design. Wood and glass created comfort in his home.

Umbrella- hanger
“I strongly admire Naoto Fucasava. I like the way he is intrigued by the human behavior and responding to that he creates most of his designs. I do remember how he was giving us examples back at the academy. One day he was walking in Tokyo and noticed that most of the people standing at the bus stop were trying to hold their umbrellas and their grocery bags. Then he realized that an umbrella whit a hanger for the bags will be a simple decision for that problem.
I love the new technologies especially the one coming from Japan. Somehow they are always a step upfront from the rest of the world. Their stile is clean to the max. “

One of Ioakims most successful products offered on the market is the personalized interface lamp called Clin. Clin is unique lightning fixture since while laying down relaxing the new lamp can be actually used as a mini PC. New York association of consumers is predicting that it will be one of the hottest products on the market at 2007.

----- Bilyana Docheva -Williams 20.03.09 15:04

Hi to everyone, yes i am bulgarian ID and Architecture student and I can help you a little bit whit the translation of the article.

----- Bilyana Docheva -Williams 20.03.09 13:41

Very nice looking blog. I especially like all the polaroid-y hang tags in the margins.

----- Elaine 11.05.06 10:15

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