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Updated by Hello-Friend - NOTCOT.ORG:: Announcing NOTCOT’s community gallery - an internal bulletin board [now open to the public] - a place of inspiration so random some of it may never make it on to NOTCOT.com, yet is always guaranteed amusing. [more info below]

Over two mere months, our small group has amassed 200+ things that have amused/inspired us. Now that NOTCOT.org is public, this number will skyrocket with YOUR contributions.

The idea is simple:
1. discover something fantastic and provide a link and equally stunning image [both are critical]
2. state your name or alias
3. write a quickie blurb on why it’s fantastic

Check in on it periodically throughout the day - and throw neat items up there when you come across them. If something catches your eye, click the image and you are off to something awesome. The difference between this and NOTCOT.com is that the items here can be from anywhere [worthwhile reposts from other blogs, especially unique wikipedia articles, image galleries, weird news articles, youtube videos are all fair game]. While designing it and running usability tests, it ended up being “posting for lazy people” and thus evolved our community bulletin board for YOUR ideas, aesthetics and amusement. It’s the zeitgeist of the NOTCOT community!

This originally began as a design experiment for anyone wanting to contribute, since we can all scan the images faster and with more attention than text-based emails/blogs.

Currently, a password is required to post. However, the chances are very high that you can be invited to post! If you want to join our board, drop me an email with *three* examples of links/images you’d want to post!

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Competition is the least of my worries - this is about having a place to see/collect/share the amazing things we find everyday… ~notcot

----- notcot 19.05.06 13:33

Hello! nice idea: many stuff in a single page, but could it go in competition with notcot.com?

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 19.05.06 02:10

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