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Pagne- 05.08.06

Over in Copenhagen, on Hyskenstraede 14, you glance down slightly and see this edgy little shop window filled with cute high end fashion and some eye catching buttons. They say it all & then some. But it doesn’t stop there, does it? It never does. Check out the images below enter Pagne and to see the interior of this adorable store (by adorable, read: dark with just the right splashes of gloss and color applied). And go say hi to Pia Moller Hansen, the shop’s mastermind - she will point you in all the right directions - she sent me to Storm (“the Danish version of Collette”) and out to the new up and coming streets of Elmegade and Falledvej over in Norrebro. I mean sure there are a lot of “hot sneaker shops” and such in the usual spots - but if you’re looking for more, start here.

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Best service ever!!!
Dark?! Could be,but nice and cozy like a little cave and you feel that you are very welcome!
- also so,if you just want to browse a bit!
I for one,will return!!!

----- Flemming Sieben 25.12.06 03:15

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