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Softwall- 05.08.06

The Softwall from Danish designers total2office have made quite a stir in the design community lately, and it seemed like a brilliant idea, but i must admit i was skeptical as to the quality.

After meeting them at the Copenhagen Fair, and playing with the different materials and colors (the black is really sweet) - i was surprised at how hardy the materials were, and how easily and compact they fold up! The felt on the ends really is enough to hold them up well, and the effect in a large room was fantastic. They even told me that you needn’t worry about dusting, since upon closing, the force of the air escaping tends to blow it all out. Also check out this Clipping system which is quite a brilliant combination of mini binder clips and magnets.

2 Notes

Nathan is 100% correct. We (total2office) are molos distributor. Check out www.softwall.dk - it is written in english.

----- Christian Nygaard, total2office 26.07.06 21:23

The softwall is actually designed by the canadian studio molo design. I believe total2office is their european reseller. Check out molodesign.com if you can’t read danish :)

----- nathan 08.05.06 12:18

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