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Sweden- 05.11.06

Ok everyone, its friday here in Boras, Sweden - and off to check out Stockholm for the weekend - laptop free. So the next few days may be a bit lighter (hence my little postfest in the last hour) - but it may not - Jermacide and Shade Elaine have tendencies to surprise me. But my quick parting note on Boras - you know those many little lamps at Ikea? (this is possibly more american oriented) - i never really could come up with a purpose - or for those smaller lamps in general, not quite for reading, but oh so cute? Well, here there are many smaller windows in every house/apt and in every (ok maybe 90%) of them you will find some adorable lamp! Its like tradition - they all just do it, even my friends don’t remember/know why exactly, it is just how it is? And its so cute, i must take a night walk when i get back next week to get pics of it, but when they are all lit up at night, it is truly romantic/cozy and it feels great inside as well - not to mention its a designer/shoppers dream excuse to lamp shop. So put it in your window and pass up your usual big bright floor/ceiling lamps?

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