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Ted Baker ENDURANCE- 05.29.06

The name cracks me up, the irony of the whole line feels like it should be some insane art project - but infact it is Ted Baker’s ENDURANCE line of camping goods exclusive to Blacks. Firstly, lets look at that Tiger Skin Printed Inflatable Mattress, no last minute visitors can fail to have a good laugh as you inflate that for them to sleep on. But more seriously, imagine going camping - to actually go hunting or fishing, and when it comes time to set up camp, you whip out a tent covered with trout, and a graphic of a cat on the side swatting at them… or one covered in bamboo print with a deer’s head graphic “mounted” on the side? [there is even one with a rose patterned print and ducks flying along the side] Ted Baker has always had some interesting fashions, but this Endurance line blew me away. There are also sleeping bags and those foldup lightweight chairs!

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hey !
i have the ted baker flying duck tent but my stupid brother lost my poles while at a festival i dunno where to get them because no where seems to still sell it anymore and the poles are quite specific,
does anyone know where to get them or what other tents have similar poles ??
thank you, x

----- alice 18.04.09 14:46

Hi, I have the Ted Baker Endurance “rose print and flying ducks tent” but it was badly damaged at the weekend and I desperately want to replace it. Can you help please? It no longer appears on the Blacks website.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Eileen x

----- Eileen West 09.06.08 14:09

You will find one for sale on eBay right now. Just click on the link here or search “ted baker tent” on ebay.

----- RG 12.07.06 10:15

Love the Ted Baker tents!! Just wondering whether there is anywhere in Dublin, Ireland that sells these?

----- Peter 27.06.06 02:40

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