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The Flow Market- 05.06.06

[*PHOTO HEAVY - full gallery of pics after the jump] The Flow Market exhibition on at the Danish Design Center is a provotcative shop/space that really drives its point home and looks beautiful doing it. Visually i was stunned and as you’ll see below, could barely help taking many many pictures of each and every container, slowly reading each one… [for those who are wondering, yes they are all empty, yes it is kind of like a well labeled, nicely sorted recyclers dream]. It was great to find a completely immersive physical environment focused on opening your mind to the values, comsumerism, dreams we lack, misplaced, overlooked, gave in to, etc. Basically it makes you wish we could simply walk ito a store and buy them… but life’s never that easy is it?

“FLOW is a mindset, an innovation tool and a commercial brand. A mindset focused on sustainable growth. An innovation tool which through the 3 sub-categories “individual, collective and environmental flow” concretizes the parameters for sustainable growth. And finally a brand that through these 3 parameters transforms and concretizes the mindset into commercial products and services.”

As usual, click for bigger images!

Tolerance in a paint can?

Entering the exhibit —-

Some Ultra Healthy Vibes, Consumption Moderators, & Eating Disorder Killers

A carton of 1 Minute For Reflection perhaps?

It’s about man’s relations to self, others, & environment.

Addiction Liberators?

Psychosomatic Illness Killers?

How about some Valuebased Consumption?

And finally - you could really buy any of the good/values/canisters!

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I seen many of these pictures in China. They’re so creative..I’m impressed.

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