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Tree = Golden Eggs- 05.10.06

There was the goose that lay golden eggs, and those machines you put 50 cents in as a kid that clucked and lay plastic eggs - and then in 2005 there was an interactive art installation at Stanford that was a Vending Tree that lay Golden Plastic Eggs! How fantastic is this? I want one, no one should be without one?

“The tree was an art experiment to challenge perceptions of nature, technology and communication in a fun way. How it works: The tree senses you passing by and alerts you with a welcoming sound and flashing lights. When you place a coin in the slot and press a button, a golden egg falls out of the tree and lands at your feet. The egg contains a packet of California poppy seeds, a map of campus, and a poem.” By Deena Rosen (and 9 other students!) - who will also be having an art opening at Propeller in SF Thurs night.

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