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American Way Magazine- 06.20.06

I’m sitting here blushing. Just got a phone call from some friends flying out to DC, “we saw NOTCOT in a magazine!”. And then in came a pdf of the article… So back in January, Jenna Schnuer, called wanting to do a quick phone interview about NOTCOT, for American Way (the American Airlines in-flight mag)… that doesn’t seem like that long ago, but reading this little blurb and seeing how far we came SINCE, is pretty incredible, and to have something in real print (not this internet print) is just exciting. Lets see, a quick recap - since this interview, we now have well over twice as many readers, had the big redesign and launched the gallery in the tags, launched NOTCOT.org, started our own consulting/freelance studio (website in the making, email for involvement/info), launched NOTed, and have had an incredible time doing it all. So thanks, and click the pic to read the article! [American Way, June 15th, 2006]… so, since January, has our “addiction factor” grown stronger?

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“Dear American Way, I noticed you only gave the website notcot.com 2 houses in your ‘potential for addiction’ rating. I vehemently disagree with your completely unfounded and obviously ill-researched rating. I was walking by a cafe and barely caught a glimpse (through a window, mind you) of the website open on someone’s computer and was INSTANTANEOUSLY addicted. I have a tattoo of ‘notcot’ on my lower back and load the website bi-secondly. Looking forward to the reprint, Amit”

----- amit 20.06.06 19:27

it’s true

----- RJ 20.06.06 18:33

rugenius has it right, NOTCOT must have been just installing the foundation when this interview happened.

----- Hello Friend 20.06.06 17:13

dude, two houses? yea, this must have been a long time ago. like back when notcot was…um…like scrawled on monoliths.

----- rugenius 20.06.06 17:06

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