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Amex Butterfly- 06.21.06

There are gimmicks and there are - American Express Gold Card gimmicks… sleek, sexy, and i’m sure intentionally flashy. Introducing the Butterfly. The card literally folds in half to fit in this keychain case. Its actually pretty enough to grab with merely your keys and cellphone. You can take it out fully to pay, only half way to swipe, or (according to the demo) just hand them the case (but i forsee many a confused waiter). Now when are they going to add the RFID tag so i can swipe the Butterfly at 7-11’s like the Blue card?

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oooh. i’m getting one.

----- notcot 22.06.06 21:08

nice!!! it’s finally out. I worked on this project at Design Continuum about 2 years ago, but left the firm before the project was finished.
More exciting projects from AE to come..shhhhh.. Things in my portfolio that I’ve been craving to post, but cant until it is public much like butterfly….isnt it weird how blog find out when products come out before the people that worked on it do..

----- tango! 21.06.06 22:10

awesome. and i could also totally see a “chip” from the chip & pin system on a keychain, its smaller than an sd card. imagine your entire wallet transformed into keychain cards smaller than the silly kroger savings ones. no more wallet (not that i reliably carry one now…). wow.

buti’d be truly devastated when i lost my keys…

----- rugenius 21.06.06 04:17

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