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Catnip Birdies- 06.09.06

catnipbirdie.pngHey they are organic. The catnip, inside the birds. These are the funniest, most sinister and minimalist cat toys i’ve seen. And apparently they are “life sized”. Found these over at Greener Grass Design - the lovely ladies over there have the best taste! And this 2:50am, Shade Elaine and i have had an extrordinarily long busy and extremely productive day with all things NOTCOT and are starting to lose it - yet can’t stop finding more to amuse ourselves with. So if you haven’t yet seen the Monkey Food Diet guy over at .org, you are missing out, actually today has been a particular good day at .org, an abundance of quality finds.

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Wow. I think I totally want a cat now. Those are pretty cool.

It’ll be a spoiled cat.


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