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Hydrate or Die- 06.10.06

Hydrate or Die! Liking this graphic on the new CamelBak spillproof bottle with the “Big Bite Valve” designed with no moving parts, where you simply bite and sip, no need to even tip it. And they say it even fits most cup holders (which is making me wonder if my new car is in need of a new water bottle… hmm.) They claim it won’t spill even if held upside down in the open position! If you’ve tried this, let me know?

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I love Camelbak, I love the sleek design, I like how I can use it like a sippy cup, no unscrew bottle and stuff. I’ve dropped it a million times it still holds and I’ve had mine for three years. Is it 100% leak proof?? yes when it’s new, not after a couple months. After biting on it, it slackens the rubber top then it drip drips. Throwing it in my bag not a good idea…

----- Me 30.09.10 09:05

They really are incredible. They don’t spill, unless you are squeezing the bite valve while holding the bottle at an angle. The straw is removable if you’d rather tip the water into your mouth than suck it out. Bonus: the lid fits on any standard large-mouth bottle, so if you want to tote around more water, just slap the lid on a wide-mouth Nalgene and you are good to go.

I own two.

----- bri 06.09.06 10:37

ha, i totally need one of those. got a long lecture on my risks of kidney failure due to dehydration, ibuprofen and alcohol. d’oh.

----- rugenius 11.06.06 09:52

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