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Love Pics- 06.16.06

lovepics.jpgThere’s a new e-zine - LOVE PICS! - its pretty, its Italian, and it has 101 flashy glossy pages to blow your mind away. In particular the work of Fabio Catapano (aka licoszen) grabbed me. Check out this fab “happiness is illegal” image… The others were fun as well - my only complaint is i too much flash! It felt like it took me a year to flip through the pages… i miss paper. or even pdf in this case? But pretty stuff - so still worth checking out. And don’t be silly, just b/c its Italian doesn’t mean it doesn’t want your contributions! So submit away, and convince them to tone down the flash a smidge?

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Grazie mille per i complimenti !
Thank you for your congratulation :D

----- Fabio Catapano 23.06.06 06:01

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