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MAIL!- 06.05.06

Yay! Mail! Ok, excitement aside - I do not think i will ever fail to get excited to find a package in the mailbox, especially one that opens up to such fun goodies from down under. So first things first, you tear open the mailer pouch after glancing at all the customs stickers and signed “Dangerous Goods and Aviation Security Statement” - there is a nice hand painted cardboard box, with what looks like an inkjet printed label on it (see image below)… and when you pop that open, before you even get to the shirt - i found PEOPLE LIKE US candy (sucking on a piece now) - that literally has ‘people like us’ written in it… some stickers, pins, postcards, and a silly little puffer fish toy! As for the shirt, I received the Tree Hugger, which fits beautifully, is flattering and incrediblly soft, and i love the little red robin just as much now as i did when i first found it.


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