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Ora Ito Ogo- 06.30.06

Hey ID kids, any one else notice the familiarity of this OGO bottle? This oxygen water has been hitting all the big sites, and then the comments about how your body has lungs for oxygen, why try making your stomach deal with it pop up. But as designers… its all about the BOTTLE. It was designed back in 2003 by imfamous Parisian Ora Ito Studio. Somehow realizing that i can sleep better now… i knew something about OGO was bothering me. (and no not just the flashy sound mandatory OGO website)

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In response to your oxygen water Ogo-

Is it chemically possible to have O2 bond to the water (H2O) molecule and be stable without changing it’s “water” property (H2O+O2)? Mixing oxygen with water may be possible but will the oxygen stay stable in the water long enough during the packaging/shipping process for the consumer to actually get any benefit from it? I don’t believe it will.

----- John G 07.07.06 15:11

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