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Ross MacDonald- 06.07.06

Have you ever watched a movie and been distracted by the details, like the graphics in some so called ancient book they are flipping through, or the beautiful old styled handwriting of old love letters they are reading? - well i guess, then you’re a designer too! I have often found myself wondering, who makes these things?!?! I mean, clearly they were custom made to fit the film, especially since people go through the effort of working in sketches that look like the actors, etc etc…

Well, look no further, at least for a first glimpse of that line of work - and check out the absolutely incredible talent of Ross MacDonald - he is one such designer, who’s illustration style and abilities surpass many i’ve seen lately - and does everything from the books in the Legend of Zorro [see above], to hand letterpressing. [I found him when i was doing some obsessive reearch on letterpressing] - More of my favorites below.






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