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Tension Thing- 06.27.06

It has been a tense, busy kind of day. So sorry been a bit quiet on the posts - if you’re looking for things here and there isn’t enough new stuff… check out NOTCOT.org (i have a tendency to “save” things over there on busy days - and the other posters/readers have been posting some really quality finds)

Here we have Tension Thing by Judith Fegerl, real human hair that reacts as you see to the right when charged. “20cm long human hair is embedded into the ceramic sphere. The object is charged by a high voltage generator (about 120-200kVolts) and the embedded hair is standing upwards due to the electromagnetic field. Rhythmical it slowly charges and discharges. Within this object a contextual connection between emotional excitement and physical voltage is established. A characteristic of human emotion is being isolated, extracted, transformed and reimplanted into an object, that is again interacting with a real person.” [via one of my new favs, the SciFi Tech Blog, yes SciFi the TV station]

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