*notcot in tech , 13:19

This is your server on…- 06.14.06

WOW. Remember those “This is your brain. awkward silence This is your brain on drugs. show complete mess” styled ads? Well thats what these images remind me of… This is your server on Linux/Apache awkward silence This is your server on WINDOWS/IIS. (click image to see bigger) As i’m sure you know, i’m visually oriented - you can describe to me the benefits between systems over and over, but an image like this drives it home… wow. look at that mess. [via IslaFriki]

On that note - Plea For Help! I’m going to start freelance writing/blogging for another site covering Tech/Gadget Blogs [and pet blogs too] - and would love to hear what sites you guys love and know about that deserve some recognition! I’ll post more info up here when it gets going, so far, it seems like a really fun venture NOTCOT lovers might enjoy… i’ll keep you posted.

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