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blaugh- 07.11.06

BLaugh (i read it as “blah”) - is a brilliant concept i just needed to touch upon… check out their partnership with godaddy, sleek little copyright line built into the image - so if you snag it for your site it shows up, nice little discount action going on, clean site design. Also its about time people start poking fun of the blogosphere, its ego is getting to big, and for what reason? And those social networking sites as the next hot thing, just wait to be ridiculed. Anyhow i love the execution of their daily comics, touching on the big memes of the moment, with cheeky playful one frame comics (yes sometimes i really don’t like reading and do just look at all the pictures). So kudos to Fitzpatrick and Pirillo for a much needed daily amusement.

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----- Chris Pirillo 11.07.06 22:03

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