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Mom Calling Cards- 07.13.06

Ok hold your tongue for just a moment before you get on my case for the aesthetic of these… the idea is postworthy! Hear me out. So with the number of mom’s keeping maiden name’s these days, and the number of friends kids make, its hard to keep track of who’s who! I like this idea of Parent Calling Cards (sleeker than having baseball cards with all a kids stats/info on the back with picture on front, but maybe that would be sweet too if you’re in charge of too many)… And people often say being a mom is a full time job - so why not have cards as well? … and of course there’s always the single parents… who i’m sure could find a good use for these. These particular ones are at EventBliss.

p.s. there really is a niche for everything.

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Hi there,
Noticed your post about mommy business cards, and yes - they are becoming the hottest thing for moms these days. They are the perfect way to help moms better connect. I, too, design and sell business cards for moms. You can see my designs at Cards For Moms


Cards For Moms

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