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Auj Collections = World Saving?- 08.03.06

Auj Collections - they make you question how preppy you are - inside and out, because this is one casual collection that over does the “wear your prepsterness on your sleeve” feel a bit ~ in a playful way, that is subtle enough for some to think its serious.

Here’s why the Toronto based Auj Collections isn’t like most other lines out there, run by Aaron Aujla, a 19 year old entrepreneur ready to save the world with class. With every product you receive a code where there is a team standing by for you to call, and they will help you with everything from researching where to best donate your extra cash to how to create your feature film on how you will perhaps drive your bio-diesel hummer (i actually SAW one yesterday) across the desert and cure global warming or something… use your imagination! It is an interesting twist on how much a t-shirt or hoodie purchase can change your life and those of others.

Below, i’ve got some behind the scenes pics of the Auj photoshoot (its fun to see the pictures behind the pictures on the site) as well as some pics of the shirt i received, so you can check out all the little details their site leaves you curious about! Oh! And my favorite piece from this collection is the “I would name my boat after you” hoodie - but they are out of stock! Really curious to see how the details of having the nautical ties for the pulls, and hand stitching details!

Here is Aaron Aujla, the man himself, at a mere 19, with his own fashionline… and a mission with his brother to save the world.

Behind those snazzy shots you see up on their site - i quite liked these of the “making of” the catalog.

… and one more!

So Aaron sent me one of their girly shirts - the pink Sail one ~ and here are some up close and personal pics with it to give you a better idea of how their “cashmere tees” are in real life. For starters, these are infact modified American Apparel tees, and they are neither made of cashmere or lined with it - but they have infact little patches sewn into the sleeves which you can and cannot see while wearing.

Here’s a quick overview of it.

It came in this envelope, with the hand drawn tree and all

Here is a picture to see some of the details i was curious about when i first saw the images on the main site… The printing on the inside ~ i dont really like feeling the ink against me? But the end result from the outside isn’t bad. The white part is on the lower back is an image of a outlined canadian passport and some cash. The sleeve has a cut up section with contrast stitching outlining the cashmere patch with Silkscreened printing on it (readable if you poke around inside those sliced bits! ) - and another little piece visible only when flipped inside out patch on the other side. Pinned to the sleeve and tied on with a piece of twine is a cut out piece of a Tale of Two Cities.

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