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Christofle + ECAL- 08.25.06

When a traditional silverware company, Christofle ( dates back to 1830! official silversmith to King Louis Phillipe and supplier to Napolean III) - decides to team up with Lausanne’s ECAL - to let students experiment with the medium, you know it will be breathtaking. It’s awfully late, but i just read this in Wallpaper and had to share it. We’ve all touched silver, you know you can leave fingerprints on it… so i love that they built that into the design of the business card holder and and USB Thumb Drive… also in the collection are condom holders, push pins, sewing kits and stencils. Silver is in again, casting the everyday in gold and silver is everywhere (from toys and cocktail swords to AA medallions)… full article scan below.

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