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NuLooq- 08.10.06

This is the Logitech NuLooq, i have been trying to figure out how i missed this when the press release came out a few months ago, but none the less - here it is. For photoshop junkies like us, and those who need new ways to interface with their tech. I’m curious - have any of you played with it? and the new ToolDial?

Its an interesting new USB/dial/touch sensitive scroll/zoom tool for designers aimed at easing the constant tool switching we do while chained to our large monitors. My main curiosity is regarding the use of this tool while working, and how intuitive it really is. The physical design of this product reminds me a lot of various projects i worked on during my masters program - and the ability to combine various layers of dials/wheels for zooming and panning simultaneously intrigues me. So posting this as a physical interface worth playing with as a case study, and might need to buy it just for this reason! And i haven’t even begun to discuss the idea of the ToolDial software/dock interface they’ve designed to match as well. [More details below]

Just noticed the Amazon page for it and the reviews seem surprisingly good. As for ToolDial, just downloaded the demo, and its actually kind of nice… will try it out for a few days, but off to get some 3:30am sleep now.

Here are the details from their website ::

NuLOOQ navigator™, part of the NuLOOQ Professional Series, is a USB-based input device. It comes with the tooldial™, a customizable menu that appears on demand at the end of your cursor.

Dial it in
The top of the NuLOOQ navigator is a touch-sensitive scroll disk, called the tooltuner™, that allows users to control applications by dialing with the tip of a finger. Precisely adjust brush size, scrub video or fine-tune font attributes like leading and tracking, the tooltuner does all this and more.

Pics and Pans
The grey layer below the tooltuner is a spring-mounted navring™ that offers 360º navigation and seamless zooming. Twist it to zoom into or out of an image or nudge in any direction a fraction of an inch to scroll an image or spreadsheet, the navring puts complete navigation control in just two fingers.

Trigger Fingers
On the top of the tooltuner are three glowing programmable buttons called triggerpoints™. Map them to modifier keys to save trips to the keyboard in Photoshop or use them to launch tooldials to get to anything.

Blue Light Special
The heavy (300 grams) machined billet aluminum base grounds the NuLOOQ navigator and gives it a feel of a precision tool. While the blue LED lights create the after-hours vibe of a martini-lounge. The NuLOOQ navigator puts some fun back on the desktop.


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