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Soft Service- 08.08.06

Emails are great, especially when they brighten up my day with submissions of things i crave. Anyone else getting tired of the t-shirt trend? Or the abundance of designer tees around every corner? I love them to death, but have been noticing i’m wearing more and more black tshirts in different materials and cuts lately. It may also be that i have a temporary aversion to the silk screened ones this week from the t-shirt printing this weekend.

None the less, i digress. Emails! SoftService’s Sale turned up in my inbox, and i’m smitten and curious. This LA guy is doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that - and end results are hand painted sections with embroidered outlines of our everyday. They say “/unique/limited edition/hand painted/hand embroidered/sweat-shop free/made in Los Angeles//” I say, cute! and just different enough right now.

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