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Banksy in LA- 09.15.06

elephantbanksy.jpgFirst things first - no one can ignore a Pink Elephant in LA. Or probably anywhere for that matter. Especially behind a white picket fence, on a rug, being tossed pretzels… the question of everyone who sees the pics from the internet is always “is it real?” well proof of how real it is is below in pictures.

Checked out the Banksy Barely Legal show a few hours ago, and it IS as fun as all the hype… while most of the pieces you may have been seeing online for a while - still fun to check out, and it really is all about the elephant. I know this will be all over every site (if not already) ~ but took so many pics, feel free to take a look at my perspective.


Proof its a real elephant?

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go…

Get’s the OK pat…

POTTY TRAINED to go in the bag!

All done…

And just to turn this rather crude string of imagery around… it’s a pity that Banksy sold out of his 500$ prints within two hours of the opening… (i’m sure it had nothing to do with the secret opening last night that El Super Bomba said Brangelina showed up to)… but with all this pretzel fed dung ~ perhaps he can go eco friendly and recycle it into PAPER for more PRINTS! Don’t know what i’m talking about? See .org #618.

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wouldnt miss it fer the world…
bunch of use fixed gear heads are swooping in at noon to start the day off right.

ps thanks for all the treats.

----- a35mmlife 15.09.06 16:57

Girl. So good. So good. So good.

Unfortunately prints nearly sold out at the pre-opening party last night ….at 500$ a pop.

YOWZA! Enjoy the show, so good. so good!

----- El Super Bomba 15.09.06 16:40

Should be interesting! Wish I could be there…I guess I’ll just have to wait for the pics.

----- rj 15.09.06 05:04

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