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PingMag on Lelo- 09.22.06

It has come up a lot this week ~ designer sex toys ~ all over the net, but especially on .org. So when i just came across the latest PINGmag article, and it had great images of the Lelo display at Lyon Mode City tradeshow, as well as an insightful and thoughtfully laid out interview with the founder of Sense & Sensuality ~ it felt worth a mention. Is it really any wonder that designer sextoys are popping up everywhere now? It is often that well designed objects with gorgeous curves are described as “sexy” and are certainly lust worthy (insert mental image of your favorite sports car here) ~ so why shouldn’t sex toys be “sexy” in design? Other recent roundups of the designer sextoy trend are Haute Sex and Haute Sex II at Coolhunting and even Treehugger TV did their “How to buy a green sex toy” episode. So anyhow, just wanted to make a note of the exponentially growing trend in the design world ~ and Lelo still has my vote for being one of the most consistently design conscious lines out there ~ nice to see how well branded everything from their packaging and product design are to their display with the bottom lighting, clean eye-catching photography, and well dressed creative director is (previous review and post about them here)


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Nice opinion !

----- JoeDoeFoo 15.10.06 13:29

I would buy a green sex toy but they would have to put it big on the label that is was safe becuase who has time to read what the heck is in th etoys I just want to play with them.

----- Jessica 23.09.06 04:23

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