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Beck - Anti-packaging- 10.02.06

Gone is the day of the fancy designer cd cover, here are the days of customization… and design emulating the mixed tape/cd look of DIY covers? The new Beck album “The Information” comes out tomorrow, and over at Design Observer, Dmitri Siegel shares with us the playful customizable nature of the cover art… it is blank, and you get stickers. Not any stickers, but stickers from some of the best artists around (yay Genvieve Gaukler) Cover art for The Information by Beck. Art direction and design by Matt Maitland/Gerard Saint at Big City Active with Beck. Sticker art by: Jody Barton, Beck, Juliette Cezar, Estell & Simon, David Foldvari, Genevieve Gauckler, Michael Gillette, Jasper Goodall, Mercedes Helnwein, Han Lee, Matt Maitland, Ari Michelson, Parra, Melanie Pullen, Gay Rie[***]aleksey Shirokov, Will Sweeney, Kam Tang, Adam Tullie, Kensei Yabuno, Vania Zouravliov, 2006.

From the Amazon description for Beck “The Information”, “The artwork for The Information is either non-existent or infinite, depending on one’s point of view. Each copy will come in a blank package with one of four collectible sticker sheets specially designed by European and American artists and representative of the unique Beck aesthetic.” ….. Seeing Beck perform on Saturday! Anyone else going to be at the LA Weekly Detour?

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Just another reason I want to marry Beck.

Yes! I will be there!

----- Mitzi 05.10.06 14:53

Very intersting! Is the first example of cover customization for music market…?

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 03.10.06 08:20

that’s VIRAL when you’ll see many examples of customized cd cover and booklet!

----- baldo 02.10.06 14:00

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