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Free People Blogging- 10.31.06

Free People has a Blog! I must admit i’m impressed with the cutting edge webbiness of Free People - they were the first fun shopping site i noticed had RSS feeds for their new products, and they are fully embodying the selling a lifestyle/culture brand with their blog… surrounded by their classic stylishly vintage/collage-y design that i love, and filled with fun, witty commentary and designer eyecandy (as well as behind the scenes tidbits from the catalog shoots and whats going on in their philly office, customers get a feel for WHO the people behind the clothes are… after all isn’t that what corporate blogging is all about) So what’s next? The Urban Outfitters blog?

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Very nice site! But I’ve seen RSS feeds for new items before, the WWF store has them:


----- Matt Wilcox 01.11.06 02:35

Thank you so much for the support. I am definitely a notcot fan, so I was really excited to see your comment! xxoo

----- fpgirl 31.10.06 12:11

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