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Ooba Converts- 10.20.06

So while i keep telling you i’m not nearly ready for the baby making ~ i can’t seem to get away from posting more brilliant designs that are popping up for new parents. Remember Ooba (old post here)? Well they took that gorgeous bassinet further, and made it more functional … Basically the bassinet with the addition of a table top and feet for the toy bin. (not that the diagram wasn’t incredibly clear already).

Just like the SkipHop Products - i’m seeing this as the kind of functional that could work well for someone in need of a table/storage bin - who know kids were coming soon… OR the perfect gift for your designy savvy kids if you are parents really trying to find twisted ways to put pressure on them to have kids of their own. I guess i’m just trying to say, while most normal products may not be perfect for new parents… i’m impressed these products for new parents can work so well (while looking so good) for the rest of us too. [and yes i know i’m slow on this one - cleaning out the press releases in the inbox - and got stuck staring at this one for a while, it was just that cool it still deserved a post] Ooba Bassinet Set

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