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Vaja Treo Case Review- 10.26.06

I’ve been testing out the Vaja Treo Case for a few weeks now (of all the iPod cases, the red vaja case has remained on my ipod still) ~ and i must admit, as a treo user, i already found the phone a bit big, so the idea of adding a case to it that would make it even the least bit thicker i was slightly appalled at. But low and behold Vaja has changed my mind on that, after all, its not like i’m the kind of girl who could ever fit a treo into the pocket of tight jeans, and if i’m already carrying a big purse, what’s a little more padding on the phone? (and no, i don’t do that tech tools around my waist thing.)

Seriously it feels amazing. There is something about the way holding my now black molded Argentinean leather that feels great in your hand, against your face, and less slippy when you go “no hands” and can’t find your handsfree. And it really was the ultimate makeover for my very scratched up treo, looks better than new. And all the important parts are still accessible, but it literally fits like a glove, a gorgeous leather glove. See all the Treo Case colors and options.

Additionally, you have to check out the gorgeous packaging Vaja products come in (see the pictures after the jump)… also their pouches come in such vibrant, lush colors (pick a pantone, almost any pantone) for those who’s phones or gadgets want a more discreet case.

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