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Versailles Decadence- 10.22.06

My great escape from the everyday yesterday was Marie Antoinette. Mediocre reviews all around from LATimes and WSJ ~ but there are some movies you don’t see for plot, you already know whats going to happen. This was audio and visual eye candy all around. The music is as deliciously playful as the outfits, the overly decorated pastries, the incredible gardens at sunrise, the shoes, giant stacked hair with birds all around ~ not a detail out of place - except what was up with the pair of blue converse in a scene where she’s changing clothes/trying on shoes? Or was i seeing things? I loved it. I’d watch it again just to escape into a different world. [oh, and that type face on the bright pink on the black - it just works so well. and my mom’s biggest complaint? Dunst looks a bit old to be playing 12-early 20s - and i need the soundtrack : 2 discs of classical, 80’s, punk glam goodness, perfect for working to - for 14$ - oh - and there’s not as much as much sex and debauchery as they imply its PG-13]

Picture below - i thought it was interesting how Sony Pictures chose to push the PSP on the movie’s site by having clips play in a PSP facade.


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don’t worry. i saw the converse too.

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