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Blonde on Main- 11.10.06

Blonde on Main Street, that that heavenly sliver of LA that exists on the border of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, is one of my favorite boutiques, and last time i was in there i discovered this amazing map. Retro, i know! But one theme you could always find in my UX and Design concepts and ideas was transcending our digital layers that are taking over, and bringing it back to the physical. Well Chris and Amber (an adorable husband and wife team) have been running Blonde since 2000, and just launched their online presence (part store, part community, part vlog). So this map in the back room is where they’ve been sticking a pin for every order that has come in (Chris said they haven’t found the right world map yet, so don’t think its US only). Other than their awesome map usage, the main reason i wanted to highlight their new online shop is that they aren’t trying to compete with LA Celeb plastered Kitson and Shop Intuition, but have actually managed to convey through their cute videos of the store and latest fashions ~ that chill laid back boutique vibe you get when shopping higher end boutiques. So for international readers especially, you can get your real LA fix if you can’t come shop it in person, but via phone and email they’ll make you feel like you were here with us.


i think i saw these Cynthia Vincent Mary Jane Wedges i’m lusting after there… might need to go back and see soon.

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