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Shame on Target- 11.28.06

Veering slightly from our regularly scheduled content - WTF? I am appalled, outraged, and amazed. My order of Tord Boontje bowls and dessert plates from target (yes i placed that order like a month ago)… not only aren’t here yet… well not the plates… but the bowls just woke me up this morning, and can you BELIEVE the SIZE of that box, or the amount of cardboard and paper i was sent? The bowls are like cereal bowls to give you some perspective. That big box is almost the size of the Think chair box. So as designer friendly as they may be, minimizing waste doesn’t seem to be so high on the list. I needed to vent, since Target made me feel dirty after all my eco happy posts last night.

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If you stop and think about it UPS, Fed-Ex and even the US postal service are the ones who have created the need for over packing. They manage to break the unbreakable. Which would you rather deal with… the disappointment of broken items then phone calls, emails, filing reports, paperwork, repacking your broken items, waiting UPS to come within 3 days or standing in line at USPS for the final claim review hoping to get a replacement if they still have it in stock or then making sure you are fully credited back… or the extra cardboard?!?

----- Fred 01.12.06 11:01

the drama continues. i placed my tord order on november 1st. they sent me an email TODAY (november 30th) to say that they didn’t have any of the bowls, plates or cups in stock and cancelled my order.

i called to complain and they basically said “whoops, sorry.” i also said that the word on the street (design blogs, etc) would be rampant with complaints soon enough. here’s one!

i’m sad that i didn’t get my tord stuff. i’ll have to check with the local stores…

----- tina g 30.11.06 11:55

I’m with cooljames… I love excess cardboard because it always proves to be so useful for everything. I particularily like using cardboard as a canvas for paintings or, if I have enough of it, it’ll make a great stool. :) Get in touch with that inner-designer that is just wanting to get out!

----- Mitchell 29.11.06 19:09


When I first saw the picture I thought that i was some sort of object made with that material and not just package for the bowls.

----- Bruno Kaneoya 29.11.06 16:59

great site! well - i will add to the shame on target thread … do you know that the stores will be throwing out the Tord Boontje wonderful target store displays a couple of days after x-mas … I have been frantically trying to connect up with a store display person in my area and have gotten the cold shoulder or curt reply we will throw them out - we don’t have the time to save stuff… what a waste!!!

----- pat 29.11.06 15:10

Blame it on Amazon.com. They manage all of Target’s e-commerce, including shipping. I used to work there, and I know Amazon is infamous for over-boxing their stuff. The warehouses are insane this time of year. I’m confident that your package was boxed by a seasonal temp with a total of 10 hours experience with the process. It’s not easy, but it is a shame they’re wasting so much paper.

Take it upon yourself to do something useful with the cardboard. Even if you just save it until you move, or use the box for a gift you’ll be giving someone else, it’ll be well used.

----- cooljames 29.11.06 13:38

It’s the new standard in packaging and drop testing (ISTA level 3A) I believe. I know you complain on the amount of wasted cardboard, but that is because of the individual packaging. If you would have picked them up they wouldn’t have to be repackaged for shipping.

----- Luke 29.11.06 13:29

Have you contacted Target to complain? Let them know that you are disgusted with the amount of packaging material and waste.

They won’t change if people don’t complain.

----- Rebecca 28.11.06 16:37

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