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Giveaway Week 3: Radar- 12.03.06

SONY ERICSSON K790! (you know you want it. Seriously, who doesn’t want a 3 megapixel camera/video phone that is that gorgeous AND is also an mp3 player, radio, and a world phone?) ~ so thus begins week 3 of our giveaway survey holidayfest… and this week (as you can see in the tags) is sponsored by Radar! So if you want a chance at these goodies and have NOT filled out our fun little survey yet, get to it! But, if you have ~ well you’re already entered… so just go play with Radar, so you’re ready to make best use of the phone if you win.

(Some quick small print type info - for our future winner - if for some reason you are not on a GSM network ~ Radar has graciously decided to find you a phone of equal value that works with your service provider, so no worries.)

That being said - you remember Radar right? (See here if not). Their service gives you a great way to have visual conversations with all of your friends ~ a way to share the fun moments and inside jokes you don’t necessarily want to broadcast around the world… as you can see from the images in the tags, its about living your life, and being able to share and comment on your images as well as your friends’. Browsable on your phone, computer, etc ~ you can keep in touch wherever you are, and have higher quality videos and images if you win this Sony Ericsson K790.




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