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Happy 2007- 12.31.06

Farewell 2006, its been a great year, and may 2007 be even better! Everyone has been posting year in review roundups, best ofs, and all of that sort of thing - and with the end of xmas shopping, and a massive sale season upon us… how about we look FORWARDS, with excitement for all the great design that will come up in 07?

So, unsure of what to post for this end of the year event… in the midst of holiday parties, just wanted to give a little nod to G Pure Energy and Bulldog Gin… because they sent samples over which took on a life of their own when i brought them over to the ThisNext Boxing Day party. Details and some silly G Pure pics that look like alien abductions below…

G Pure Energy, those bottles have kids grabbing for them, gamers thinking they are a bit xbox looking, work out folks thinking they look like fancy weights - but the conclusion was regardless of 0 or full calorie versions, its one of the freshest energy drinks we’ve tried and a great mixer (my fav was with Absolut Vanilla)… something about the light fruity fusions of a little bit of lime and the unique citrusy taste of Lulo (south/central american fruit)… and we thought it reminded us a little of the sugary taste you get from those canned lychees. [for the background on G Pure, check out the older post]

It also went well with the Bulldog Gin ~ which had a similarly refreshing, asian inspired taste to it ~ infused with natural poppy, dragon eye, and lotus leaves ~ with a hint of citrus… they certainly played well together. And i LOVE the bottle with the subtle logo on the cap, as well as the glass molded collar on the bottle. For a simple bottle, it certainly got that tough, all shoulders, bull dog stance going nicely… not to mention that it’s website can be read as either BulldogGin, or Bulldoggin’.

Here are some fun snap shots of what G Pure Energy and Voss Water sent over… the packaging and the under-bottle lights were gorgeous…






3 Notes

Where can you buy it?

----- Grace 13.05.08 20:11

You’re so lucky! There’s definitely something intrinsically valuable about bottle. I think it’s art in its own right.

Is it available in any other flavors?

----- Sean 02.01.07 14:35

I want the G Pure Energy so badly

----- Phaladone 02.01.07 13:13

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