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Miss Bibi Does Colette- 12.17.06

Eyecandy warning - the images of Miss Bibi’s miniatures, which are some of the most stunning jewelry pieces to have graced the pages of NOTCOT this year, can be seen in all their glorious context below!

Brigitte Giraudi is “Miss Bibi ”, a young artist from Monte Carlo, with a fascinating background in 3D Illustration and Stop Frame Animation… and a specialty in miniature installations. So is it any surprise to go from edgy luxe miniatures to jewelry? ” Her first collection ‘INTRIG’ takes its inspiration from a famous detective game. Each piece of jewelery is an emblem to a luxurious but dark world, taking shape into miniature chandeliers, knives, tools, high heal shoes etc… So, thereupon, were born her killer earings, her sexy murder rings and her famous dangerous necklaces. They will please anyone with a sense of dark sarcastic humor and a Monte-Carlo’s luxurious fondness.”

And her latest adventure since we posted about the collection back in Feb 06, is an exhibition at Parisian Colette, as well as an updated website with more imagery to pull you into the dark mini world of “cleudo” and ‘intrig’…

Click on any of these images to see in full size, thanks to the world of Miss Bibi for sharing all this great high res eyecandy.

These two images are from the Miss Bibi Exhibition currently at Colette.fr (if you’re lucky enough to be in Paris, please go take a look and send pics!)


Room by room close-ups ~





More imagery of the rooms in context ~



Here’s a quick refresher on what we showed you back in Feb,

See more close ups of the collection at Miss Bibi.

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I am looking for the Band-aid container or anything close to that idea.

----- debbie Fetzer/McCann Erickson 13.08.08 15:42

Does somebody know how much the ring-shoe costs?

----- linda 14.03.07 10:47

slick production but conventional symbols, barbie doll collection for the hipster coroporate population. where do u go after pop?

----- rickie 16.02.07 15:54

I love them all especially the chandelier pendent…do you retail out of India at all…I live here in India,would love to see them here…

----- kavithakasargod 19.12.06 22:18

These are amazing and wonderful…I don’t know if I would have the patience to create such small objects, but someone’s gotta do it…and She’s done it so well! Props :)

----- Catherine Chandler 18.12.06 18:07

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