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Ora Ito Huby- 12.01.06

Huby = the USB/Firewire version of what would happen if you mixed the Ogo bottle with the Power Squid? It’s like a white bomb of techy goodness. With the guts by La Cie, and the designer styling of Ora Ito… i need the Huby…

“Designed exclusively for LaCie by Ora-Ito, the Huby’s round shape, glossy white polycarbonate finish, and flexible cables give it a distinctive, modern look. Add 4 USB ports and 2 FireWire ports to your computer system and connect up to six devices simultaneously*. Bundled with 8 flexible, twistable cables (5 USB 2.0 & 3 FireWire 400), a USB fan, a USB light, a USB extension cable and a FireWire 400 extension cable” $79, ready for pre-order, shipping end of Dec. La Cie Huby (noticed it on Uncrate!)



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I need to buy this ve usb convertor,how do i go abt it?

----- Asif Vohra 27.02.08 12:25

I am the Merchandise Director for Brookstone and may be interested in carrying this item in some of my retail stores. Can someone give me a call in regards to potential distribution. I can be reached at (603) 577-8147, Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM, EST.

----- Eileen McNinnie 25.09.07 13:18

The worst thing about this is that I don’t really need it :-)

----- drew robinson 05.12.06 16:37

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