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The Trunk- 12.13.06

When is a tree not a tree? Or is a tree still a tree if its chopped to a stump, and then covered in polycarbonate that is screened with cow prints? I’m not sure exactly - but these were strangely appealing… instead of making that next tree into firewood, coat it in steel and use it as a stool, side table, or a coffee table base? “The inside is the European oak wood dried in a special dryer for 2 months.Then it’s covered in steel sheet or in polycarbonates with silk screened images of tree, grass or leaves. The bottom surface of the trunk has a felt protection, so it doesn’t scratch the floor.” Produced by Malafor Small Laboratory of Forms. For more info, contact Gosia I. Korsakowski at bluebellgk-at-yahoo.com - more pics below!

The Trunk Steel.jpg

The Trunk Grass.jpg

The Trunk Tree.jpg

The Trunk Cow.jpg

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These are amazing! how much are they? what are their sizes?

----- jes gordon 13.12.08 18:43

Shipping charges for a log , I’ll go into the woods a find a log .

----- Kahoneez 28.07.07 23:33

Where can I buy the tree trunk stools? How much? Thanks!

----- Rug Lady 25.04.07 16:38

if you want one,go into the woods,and get one. geeeez. put a fancy label on anything,and some rich nitwit will “just have to have one’. too much

----- roy 24.01.07 08:39

all I want to know is where can I get some of these?? I work in a ganite shop and they would be absolutely amazing for coffee table legs.

----- michaela 03.01.07 16:42

how big are these?

----- Anonymous 18.12.06 10:31

I love these stumps. I’d keep one of these by my front door; so I could rub it for good luck every time I left my home. Much like as if I was about to perform at Harlem’s own Show Time At The Apollo. Very cool.

----- Amon Focus 16.12.06 00:51

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