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Charity Water- 01.08.07

We show a lot of “luxury waters” here on notcot… mostly because they tend to have stunning packaging and/or logo design. So it’s with great pleasure that i show you Charity Water - gorgeous design, and brilliant concept…

If you were ever to spend 20$ on a bottle of water, this is the one. Buy a case. Flavorpill and Scott Harrison (“a flavorpill friend and former NYC club promoter, now global promoter of greater good”) are building sustainable sources of water in Africa, and we can all help. 100% of proceeds from Charity: Water go towards building wells and creating safe drinking water sources. Flavorpill is donating $2,000 needed to build a well, and they are looking to the rest of us to pitch in to help raise the other $2,000. (via coolhunting)


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yeah its worth pointing out i couldn’t find a way to actually buy a proper bottle of the stuff. Not that that stopped me from handing over my $20

----- Alterion 13.01.07 12:46

Yeah, I guess the idea is similar to that of Ethos’ water, however, when you look at the fine print, $0.05 of that $1.80 goes to helping those in need. Buy a bottle of charity water and the whole $20 goes to providing safe water. That would take 400 bottles of Ethos water.

----- Anonymous 11.01.07 09:07

It says virtual bottle on the site, if you buy one, do you actually get a bottle of water?

----- Larry 09.01.07 21:38

The bottle looks a lot like Ethos’ water bottle. It’s only $1.80 at Starbucks.Peter and Jonathon teamed up with Starbucks last year, after starting thier own water-aid company, to get the word out. I like the fact that it’s a donation that can be made year round and not a one time $20 water bottle and forgotten. just my humble opinion. thanks for letting me speak.

----- chronicler 09.01.07 08:09

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