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Manuella’s Elephant- 01.24.07

Manuella’s elephants and bunnies (also ducks and dogs exist)…. brain child of Merav Flam, graduate of Bezalel Academy for Art and Design Jerusalem… and i’m smitten not only by these creatures, but also by the motivation behind the line… “With children in mind, her unique designs reflect her own longing for childhood without digital and electronic toys… ‘Manuella’ - is reminiscent of the mechanical system that was used a long time ago to operate dolls, musical boxes, and toys.” Now if that doesn’t hit you somewhere in your laptop toting, cell phone attached, wii loving being… i give up, go buy your kid an Ugly Doll.

But i have this habit of always shopping for kids toys (some of which admittedly i end up buying myself) ~ and having a few products in mind for all of those last minute baby showers that keep popping up, and to find the perfect gift is hard, but it will be hard to go wrong showing up with one of these Manuella Elephants.

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You can find Manuella animal at www.capeweekend.com
They have the red monkey and very soft cudly giraffe.

----- Ann Forget 24.01.09 14:04


You can shop find Manuella bunny, Manuella Duck and Manuella elephant at I Design Shop .

You can also find there other Manuella Design products.

Great site, Great product !

----- shayke 24.07.07 12:58


i was in tel aviv for the holidays and fell in love with an orange bunny from Manuella… I lugged that thing across the world for my niece.

what you cant tell by these photos is that they are the softest things ever…

----- a35mmlife 25.01.07 14:34

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