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TASTESPOTTING, feed your addiction... it’s about food. all about food. everything from the ingredients, the process, the photography, the reviews, the products… it is to delectable delights what notcot.org is to design. So, you guys know the drill, if you know a food lover, are a food lover, see a food related link you MUST share, here’s your new destination on the web for it!

As you can imagine, i’m terribly giddy to share this new site with you. Design is my obsession, and when i started talking with Sarah of The Delicious Life, and realized food to her was what design was to me… we clicked… and she was a huge fan of the .org model, so we figured why not have a place to collect our fav food porn shots as well? And to any designy kids who doubt their love of gorgeous, delicious food… prepare to have your mind blown… there are some impressively drool worthy incredible edibles out there! And this will definitely raise the bar for what you allow on those designer plates of yours…

So i’m pleased to present - TASTESPOTTING - and can’t wait to hear what you think.


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This is a really great idea with lots of potential! And the look is simply…pretty delicious.

I signed up immediately. :)

----- Catherine 26.01.07 10:46

I dig it! Food blogs are my new thing and this one looks totally yummy. Congrats to you and Sarah both.

----- Caroline 22.01.07 12:33

Smart idea, well-executed.

----- FoodMarathon 22.01.07 10:45

if people want to read it off LJ there’s a feed:


----- rose 22.01.07 08:55

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