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VISUALIZE bat- 01.23.07

95$ for a bat never seemed quite so worth it… VISUALIZE bat from Orange 32 (who brought you the “you’re a douche” cards). Shade Elaine exclaimed “Wow. So. Awesome.” as soon as we saw it ~ because, well, as the site says “For “those” clients. Also comes with wall-mounting hardware so you can camouflage it as a piece of art until “that” client comes by.”

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This was possibly the WORST experience I have ever had with a company! The male, whom I spoke with said ‘f*ck you” to me within 30 seconds of me inquiring about my order. The male, Andreas, informed me he was the “f*cking owner!” I cannot cancel this order as it has been shipped and I cannot return it. This is a first, but I am contacting the Better Business Bureau!

----- very unhappy customer! 12.02.07 13:38

Friggin’ sweet. Love the lime shirt and black glasses.

----- Hip Hop Mike 25.01.07 10:02

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