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Wii-fest- 01.05.07

Just a quick update - been a little quiet/all over the place this week… because last week i got bored and drove up to SF for what ended up being a week (freshly back in socal now) - and well, on the way up, happened upon a target that had wii’s and Shade Elaine (and everyone we know in SF) and i have been having quite a bit of fun with that. If you haven’t tried it yet, get one! I hate to admit its much sweeter than i thought (although i must say nintendo was brilliant to stick it on that slanted stand, but if you put the wii lying down, it really is JUST another external drive… with a blue glow) So yes, between all the bowling, boxing, rabbid rabbiting (best game EVER), zeldaing, and mii-making… we are big fans of the wii here at notcot. [Oooh, and if you haven’t seen the wii site, the videos of “real people” playing are great. And i love these stills that the penny arcade boys did for Raving Rabbids.)

SEND US SOME Miis! I know you guys are a creative bunch, so, feel like sharing some miis? email/comment us.

Also on the technology note… will be heading over to vegas Mon-Weds for CES… and will update you on what gorgeous goodies i find. Will probably be avoiding posting the 100”+ lcd tvs, etc etc… but they are certainly drool worthy in person. Anyone else coming?


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This guy has an impressive collection of 100 miis…. granted most are part of the massive ZOMBIE ARMY… still some great ones… loving his einstein.

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I am going to be at the CES ….

Fancy some beer?

----- Random Good Stuff 06.01.07 00:38

I’d love to send you my mii, but you’d be better off in checking http://www.miiplaza.net ;-o)

----- Alan Eagle 05.01.07 11:18

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